ExYoMKE Mural Collaboration Unveiled Throughout Milwaukee

October 9, 2018

Appearing in locations throughout Milwaukee are a series of seven murals we developed in collaboration over the past year.

Led by ExYo artists Ammar Nsoroma and Allison Munson, this project is a collaboration between Express Yourself Milwaukee, Safe & Sound, SWiM (Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee), Project Excel and ReCAST Initiative of the Office of Violence Prevention at the City of Milwaukee Health Department— all of whom serve high-risk youth in Milwaukee.

Program participants from the three collaborating organizations, working under the direction and guidance of Ammar and Allison, worked together to envision, sketch, and paint the murals over several months this past year. While the mural subjects vary, a common visual theme through all the murals are lotus petals, symbolizing growth, expansion and enlightenment.  

Pictured above, “What Inspires Us” — created with Project Excel and currently hanging in their building — is an exploration of inspiration and possibility. A second mural will be unveiled in November.

Pictured below is the “Being Seen” series, featuring three murals created by ExYo program youth from Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake, MCAP, and Milwaukee County Detention, that explore the masks we wear to protect our vulnerability and what opportunities exist when we take them off. Very soon, this series will hang permanently in the lobby of the Vel Philips Juvenile Justice Center.


Pictured below is “Stand for Something or Fall for Anything,” the first of two murals created in collaboration with Safe & Sound. It’s currently hanging on the west exterior wall of the building we share with Running Rebels. “Moving Safely” is the second mural, created with Safe & Sound, Journey House youth, and Sixteenth Street Community Health Center. It will be unveiled on October 19th and hung on the Chase Bank building on Cesar Chavez Drive.

Special thanks to our collaborators for making this project a reality!