Over 150 ExYo Performers “Illuminated” the Milwaukee Theatre!

May 24, 2016

What a night!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our show on May 12 an unqualified success for everyone involved. Those of you who joined us in the audience know that from beginning to end, the performers truly illuminated the Milwaukee Theatre with their talent and enthusiasm. In fact, here’s just some of the fantastic feedback we received from audience members:

“Wow – last night’s show was amazing! The energy and the work and the profound message that showed through was so beautiful!”

“I just wanted to follow up and tell you how absolutely impressed I was with Illuminate! It was so inspirational, did such a great job of demonstrating how much Express Yourself offers kids and what a difference it makes in their lives. The singing, dancing, drumming… combined with all the colorful, magical set pieces, not to mention the lights — all added up to such a great production.”

Here are a few highlights, with thanks to Bokeh Effect Photography!

Two girls with boas and sunglasses are in the parade of stars that kicked off the show img