Welcome, Tuyet!

September 2, 2018

Many in the Express Yourself Milwaukee community may already know Tuyet Vance, a frequent volunteer with ExYo since 2008 and member of the Board of Directors since 2016. This summer, we were thrilled to welcome Tuyet on board as our Director of Operations, a position created as part of our long-term succession planning process.

Tuyet’s background in healthcare, including 19 years at Ascension Healthcare, has has heightened her awareness of the need for genuine compassionate care, as well as the need for expanded resources for youth.After the Sherman Park uprising, I knew I needed to start working with the youth of our city so their voices could be heard. To me, ExYo’s unique approach of using therapeutic arts to help at-risk youth develop skills and language to heal is so powerful. I’m delighted to be on board and looking forward to building a stronger organization with my ExYo colleagues.”  

We’re happy you’re here, Tuyet!