Who We Serve

A growing number of low-income children experience serious trauma and loss in their young lives. School and family resources are often not available to help them respond appropriately, making these kids a high-risk for serious long-term difficulties.

AnnLeinfelder_quoteThe young people we serve are between the ages of 7 and 21, 95 percent are low-income, and 80 percent are known to delinquency and court services. To date, over 5,000 young people have participated in our programs.

The Express Yourself Milwaukee studio is located in one of the city’s most blighted neighborhoods; one that’s identified as having the highest incarceration rate of black males in the state. Milwaukee Public Schools students are among the most at-risk in the nation for dropping out, and those with the highest levels of poverty have the lowest access to arts education.

Our collaborative approach teaches young people how to learn from one another, resolve differences peacefully, and work together toward a common goal. We believe deeply that when young people are valued and have a healthy sense of identity and belonging, they are better able to participate in and contribute to society.

95% are from low-income families
80% are involved in special education or alternative school programming
80% are known to delinquency and court services
55% are male
45% are female
85% are African-American
10% are Caucasian
5% are Latino/Asian/Native American

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