Guest Artists

Adekola Adedapo | Singer/Storyteller
Adekola, Local Jazz Vocalist, Performer and Storyteller, shared her wisdom through story and song in VIVA Pathways (2013). Her vision of possibility, hope and history brought African traditions to the Express Yourself Milwaukee stage.

Jay Anderson | Musician
A saxophone player, Jay, has performed with our band and special events since 2012. He performs in many local groups including Foreign Goods and NAN (New Age Narcissism).

Abdoulaye Camera | African dancer
Master African Drummer & Dancer from Ghana West Africa, Absoulaye offered dance and drum workshops and joined our performance Celebrate (2008).

Steve Cohen | Muscian
Local Blues Musician with Leroy Airmaster, Steve taught harmonica and blues to youth in the studio and then in our annual performance, Red Hot and Blue (2010).

Jamal Currie, MFA | Videographer
Jamal continues to share his expertise through video contributions that are spirited and engaging. Jamal is a Full-time associate professor of Time-Based Media Studies at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). He has received many honors and a number of Wisconsin fellowships. Most recently, he was featured in the 2013 Milwaukee Art Museum exhibition, Wisconsin 30.

Muhibb Dyer | Local Activist, Performer and Spoken Word Artist
Muhibb brought his talents and vision to the early work of Express Yourself Milwaukee by leading Poetry workshops with all youth in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Jahmes Anthony Finlayson | Musician/Percussionist
Jahmes is one of the founding artists of Express Yourself Milwaukee. He has deep roots in theater, percussion, visual art and poetry and believes strongly in the power of art to heal communities. He is a well-known percussionist who is highly respected as a performing artist and for his therapeutic teaching skills.

Cammie Griffin | Dancer
Cammie first joined the Express Yourself Milwaukee performance in 2009 as part of of the collaboration with STOMP. Since then, she has returned each year for artist residencies and performance participation as a guest artist. Cammie is an International performer, Guest Choreographer, and Dancer with STOMP Tour.

Shelby Keefe | BFA, Visual Artist
Shelby has supported the work of Express Yourself Milwaukee through live painting during our performances and fundraisers. Shelby is an Award winning contemporary impressionistic painter, teacher and performance artist.

Stacie Jaye Meyer | Visual Artist
In 2013 Stacie joined the Express Yourself team leading an interactive workshop exploring the fuel of large space art as a basis for set design. Stacie, a Los Angeles based Visual Artist, fuses conceptual art with traditional craft skill.

Beth Melewski | Comedian
Beth brought humor to the performances in Bounce and Celebrate. A Chicago comedian with Second City Theater Group, she also worked with youth in performance craft through studio workshops.

Kwabena Antoine Nixon | Activist Poet and Spoken Word Artist
Kwabena joined the Express Yourself program in our second year and shares his talents and vision in workshops and poetry support, most recently as a featured poet in 2014 Good EATS.

Tejumola Ologboni | LocalMaster Story Teller and Drummer
Teju joined the performance Red Hot and Blue (2010), where his stories carried the road to our past, present, and future. He worked with youth in knowing their history and bringing their stories to life at the crossroads of our stage.

Max Samson | Local Mask & Puppet Theatre Artist
Max joined the Pulse (2011) performance and preparation through workshops creating the 3Dimensional puppets Mother Earth and Father Time, as main characters in the performance.

Jimmy Santiago Baca | Internationally acclaimed Poet/Writer
Jimmy’s inspirational work is at the root of Express Yourself Milwaukee. Jimmy joined the Express Yourself Milwaukee program in 2002, 2005, 2008, and 2015, providing workshops for youth in our studio, and in local corrections visits as well as community programs with Mount Mary College, Esperanza Unida, and Running Rebels.

Cast and Crew from this long-running and popular stage show have volunteered their talents and time to support our annual performances since 2007.

Amlak Tafari | Musician/Bassist
Amlak first worked with Express Yourself Milwaukee when our youth performed as the opening act for during UK based Grammy Award winning reggae band Steel Pulse (Summer Fest 2005). He then returned to Milwaukee to work with all the Express Yourself Milwaukee youth in The River performance (2006). Amlak returned in 2012, when he lead workshops in our studio (beginning of our youth band) and in both male and female juvenile correction facilities in Wisconsin.